Friday, March 3, 2017

The New Active Cooling System for Intel® Joule™ Module

Having spent some time now with the  Intel® Joule™ module, I have found it to be a powerful tool in embedded and IoT technology.  But as we all know in this field, with great power comes great heat dissipation needs.  Like the CPU in your laptop, the Joule runs hot so, like the CPU in your laptop, it's a good idea to use something a bit more potent than 2 x 2 cm heatsink that comes with your module if you're going to be doing any major computation.

Well Gumstix now has an active cooling system, tailor-made for the Intel Joule module, in our online store.  You can order yours here.  To make everyone's life simpler, I'm writing a short how-to guide for installing it, and I'm giving you a preview right here.

Active Cooling System For Intel® Joule™ Module


Installation Guide

This active heat dissipation unit provides a low-profile fan and heatsink solution for the Intel® Joule™ module.

Kit Contents

KIT054 contains a plastic heatsink shroud, 4 mounting screws, a Sunon Maglev MC30100V2 DC fan with 3-pin TE AMP connector, and a custom heatsink with a thermal interface material pre-adhered.  

Maglev MC30100V2 Technical Details: 

  • Air Flow:  3.7 CFM 
  • Speed:       7500 RPM
  • Noise:        24.0 dB
  • Power:      
    • 5.0 V
    • 72 mA
    • 0.36 W

Assembly Instructions

1. Mount module to expansion board

To mount the module to the board's connector, center it over the silkscreened footprint and press down over top of the module's connectors, as indicated in the adjacent image.  There will be an audible click when mounted properly.

2. Attach Heatsink

Before attaching the heatsink, remove the plastic membrane covering the thermal compound on its underside.  This paste will accelerate the dissipation of heat by forming a thermally conductive conduit between the sink and module.  Center the heatsink over the module and mount it with the provided screws, as in the image below, with a 1.6mm Phillips screwdriver.  The screws attach directly to the expansion board, securing the module and heatsink.

3. Mount Fan to Shroud

Attach the fan to the plastic shroud by pushing it into the the central cavity of the shroud, sticker side down, from the underside.  Ensure that the fan's wires are not pinched between the fan and the shroud's mounting tabs.  Apply pressure evenly on the left and right side of the fan until it snaps into place.

4. Mount Shroud and Fan to Heatsink

To complete active cooling system's assembly, attach the shroud and fan to the heatsink.  Place the shroud on top of the heatsink so that the fan fits in the cut-away region. Ensure the fan's wires pass between the fins of the heatsink and aren't being pinched.  Apply pressure to the left and right sides of the shroud until it snaps in place.

5. Connect Wires to Power Supply or Fan Control Connector.

The active cooling system's fan requires a 5V power supply and some Geppetto boards include a fan connector.  Either connect the fan's red wire to a 5V header pin and the black wire to GND, or insert the fan's connector into the board's connector if present.  The system is now ready for operation.

If any components are missing from the package, please contact

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